An essential component of therapy programs in Gastein Valley is the healthful Gasteiner thermal water with elevated radon levels.  The noble gas radon has demonstrated many positive benefits in the treatment of various conditions including inflammation, respiratory diseases, recovery from injury and more. 

Sports Medicine for your health

People who actively participate in sports – both professionals and amateurs – are in the best of hands at our Sports Medicine Center. A whole battery of performance tests provide information about physical fitness as well as weight and body composition. Those tests are complemented by spirometry (analysis of the lung gases). Our sports-medicine programs include hypoxia (simulated training at altitude), also comprehensive and personalized training consultation, personal coaching, strength tests and laterality tests.

During your therapy program in Bad Hofgastein, you will always be supervised by experienced physicians. They will keep an eye on you every step of the way and provide you with information whenever you have questions about the different therapy options. Clinical services, such as acupuncutre and physical check-ups, are also offered, though are not includet in the price of the therapy package. 

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