Radon Thermal Therapies Healing and fortifying

The benefits of Gastein thermal water are due to the combination of the thermal water itself, warmth and radon. It is used at the Health Center within the framework of therapeutic baths and various forms of hydrotherapy. In the process, the noble gas radon is absorbed into the body through the skin and respiratory passages, where it then unfolds its healthful effects.

Gesundheitszentrum Radon-Thermal-Wannenbad | © Alpentherme Gastein/Marktl Photography

How radon works

  • Cellular repair in the body is stimulated, the number of free radicals is reduced.
  • The messenger substance TGF-Beta is activated, which promotes healing and reduces inflammation.
  • Passage of inflammatory cells through vascular walls is reduced.

This is how radon combats chronic inflammation and allergies, restoring an immunological balance. Furthermore, the pain messenger "Substance P" is inhibited while release of Beta endorphins is boosted. Serotonin metabolism is also positively affected.
The result: long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation, e.g. due to arthroses or inflammatory rheumatism. Ailments affecting the respiratory passages and skin also show significant improvement.


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Applications of Radon Therapy

Radon therapy is used for rehabilitation after illness, for regeneration in general as well as for preventative strengthening of the immune system. It may also benefit patients who are dealing with chronic complaints or psychological disorders.
Other fields of application:

  • Degenerative, rheumatic complaints affecting the spine and joints
  • Postoperative conditions involving restricted mobility and weakened musculature
  • Neurological disorders such as spasticity, akinesia and coordination dysfunction


Gesundheitszentrum Radon-Thermal-Wannenbad | © Alpentherme Gastein/Marktl Photography
Radon Thermal Baths

The special baths contain 480 liters of thermal water at a temperature between 36 and 38° Celsius. A bath in Gastein thermal water with elevated radon levels lasts between 15 and 22 minutes, followed by a rest period of around 30 minutes. Radon content (water from the Elisabeth Spring in Bad Gastein): 55 nCi/L. The radon which is absorbed through the skin and respiratory passages is broken down completely in just a very short time.

Prices for Bathing Treatments

Gesundheitszentrum Unterwasser Therapie | © Gesundheitszentrum Marktl Photography
Radon Thermal Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is one of the most effective treatment options for problems affecting the spine and joints. Due to the buoyancy of the warm water, the body becomes virtually weightless. In addition, the radon helps to alleviate pain. As needed, the therapist may supplement the treatment with massages using pressurized water jets or the Glisson sling. Water temperature: 34° to 36° Celsius. The therapy session lasts around 25 minutes, followed by a rest period of about 30 minutes.

Hydrotherapy Prices

Radon therapy must be prescribed by a Gastein spa physician - set up your personal appointment at our medical practice now
TIP: Why not try a sampler treatment. You will not need to visit a doctor for this one-time treatment.

Frequently asked questions

What is a bathing rash and how can it be prevented?

Due to the frequent water treatments, your skin will be more inclined to dry out, plus the skin is stimulated both mechanically and thermically in the course of treatments. It is important to treat your skin regularly, up to 3 times a day, with moisturizing skin creams and body milks.

Does the Alpentherme have thermal water with an elevated radon content?

The pools of Alpentherme Gastein are filled with thermal water from which the radon has been removed.

Does a session in the Gastein Healing Gallery correspond to a specific number of radon baths?


Is there also cold radon in Gastein?


Is it really a bad thing to take a shower immediately after a radon bath?

Yes, you shouldn’t take a shower for around 1 hour after your thermal bath, since the radon is also absorbed through your skin and some of the pain relief is brought about by radon deposits in the skin.

What natural therapeutics are used in Gastein?
  • thermal water containing radon
  • elevated radon levels in the air of the Gastein Thermal Gallery
When should I not participate in thermal radon therapy?

If you are suffering from any kind of acute severe disease. Be particular cautious if you are suffering from severe heart disease, lung disease, mania, psychosis. There are no restrictions which are specific to Gastein.