Sauna World Enjoy hot shows & relaxing infusions

Pleasantly warm or invigoratingly hot – with 12 different sauna chambers in Sauna World to choose from, everyone is certain to find their own favorite place. And as a special highlight: daily infusions in the Cascadia – where our sauna attendants will astonish you with their expertise and artistry. Infusions also become a form of aroma therapy, integrating pure essential oils as well as blends of natural herbs and incense. After a good healthy sweat, it will be time to cool off under the dousing shower, in the Glacier Ice Lounge or in the marvelous Crystal Lake.

Spacious quiet rooms and a room with waterbeds provide ample opportunity to unwind between your sauna sessions. The free Water Bar is available to quench your thirst, or treat yourself to a refreshing drink and a small snack in the sauna bar.

In Ladies World, women are able to sauna completely to themselves :)

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Sauna World Paar entspannt in der Cascadia Eventsauna | © Alpentherme Gastein/Paul Bauer

Infusions & Essential Oils

Discover the Cascadia Event Sauna, where saunas become memorable experiences.

What brings Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Egyptian pharaohs and Captain Jack Sparrow to a spacious sauna chamber with spaces for up to 60 people? A show, of course. 

Special Infusions & Show Infusions

Our sauna attendants regularly slip into costumes as they host show infusions with enthralling lighting effects, fascinating towel-twirling techniques and atmospheric music.

For those who prefer things a little mellower, we also offer extraordinarily peaceful infusions, even with singing bowls as an accompaniment from time to time. For the ideal fragrance experience, we use a perfect blend of essential oils and incense mixtures. 

our infusion program

Sauna Rules the basics of sauna-going

In this way, your visit to Sauna World is guaranteed to be wonderfully enjoyable

  • In the Sauna World of Alpentherme Gastein and Ladies World, saunas are enjoyed as nature intended, without swimsuits.
  • Inside the sauna chamber, lay a towel underneath the full length of your body.
  • To avoid intruding into the privacy and personal space of others, using the phone, taking photos and surfing the Internet is not permitted in the entire sauna area.
  • Admission to Sauna World and Ladies World is permitted for guests ages 16 and older. Exception: On Sundays, children 3 and up accompanied by their parents are admitted into Sauna World at no extra charge ("Family Sauna Sunday").
  • Sauna World is a quiet zone – please respect the other guests' needs for peace & quiet, both in the quiet rooms as well as during infusions.
  • Please do not reserve loungers.

Tips for greater comfort during your sauna session

  • Prior to entering the sauna, take a shower and dry off well.
  • A sauna session shouldn't last more than 15 minutes. Tip for beginners: Slowly increase the length of time you spend in the sauna.
  • Upon leaving the sauna, ideally go out into the fresh air, cool off completely, e.g. using a hose or under the shower, or rub ice on your body in the Glacier Ice Lounge. You will absolutely need to take a shower before entering pools or thermal lakes.
  • Replenish lost fluids by drinking mineral water or fruit juices – refreshments are available at the Water Bar (Tip: Bring your own drinks bottle or buy one from the sauna attendant) or pay a visit to the Sauna Bar.
  • Afterwards, enjoy a phase of peaceful relaxation in our quiet rooms or in the sauna garden, perhaps browsing the infusion schedule for the next infusion you would like to attend.
Beauty World Hot Stone Massage | © SalzburgerLand Tourismus/Marktl

In the mood for the occasional massage?

The Beauty World Team looks forward to meeting you!

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Frequently asked questions

When do sauna infusions take place?

Our sauna attendants in Sauna World host guided sauna infusions every day. Right here you can find our infusion plan.

How big is the Cascadia Sauna?

The Cascadia Sauna is one of the highlights of Sauna World. The big sauna chamber with room for up to 60 people as well as special daily staged infusions turn your sauna session in the Cascadia into an extraordinary ritual. 

Can I take my mobile device with me everywhere in the Alpentherme?

No, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs are not permitted anywhere in the sauna area or in Ladies World. We ask our bathing guests to respect the privacy of others throughout the spa resort and not to photograph anybody.

Can loungers be reserved in advance?

During your stay at Alpentherme Gastein, you will have around 1400 loungers available to you (indoors and out). It is not possible to reserve specific loungers.

Is there a nude area at the Alpentherme?

All facilities in the sauna area and Ladies World are intended for nude guests.

Are there snacks and drinks in Sauna World?

The Sauna Bar offers snacks and drinks for whenever you get a little peckish or thirsty between sauna sessions.

What can I look forward to in Sauna World?

Time for relaxation. This is the motto of Sauna World. In addition to 12 different sauna chambers, there is a cold and a warm mountain lake, the Crystal Lake thermal swimming lake, several quiet rooms (also a panorama quiet room), shower house, tanning beds, Water Bar and Sauna Bar. Our sauna area is for nude bathers, admission restricted to ages 16 and up.

Is there a tanning studio?

Yes. By law, users must be 18 or older. Four modern tanning beds are available for guests of the Alpentherme to use.

Are drinks available in the sauna area?

The Water Bar is located in the middle of Sauna World at Alpentherme Gastein. You can quench your thirst after sauna sessions here with chilled water, sparkling water and lukewarm water.

Does the Alpentherme have water beds?

Yes. A room with water beds is located in Sauna World, offering complete relaxation accompanied by music in an atmospheric setting.