Medical Expertise The team of physicians at Alpentherme Gastein Health Center

Under the direction of Dr. Rudolf Radlmüller, our extremely competent and experienced team
of spa physicians and medical consultants provides optimal individualized care.

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Spa Physicians

Our spa physicians are available to conduct medical checkups in the course of your residential treatment program.

Also during your private health-focused holiday, you will be able to take full advantage of our in-house team of physicians - physical examinations with therapy recommendations will optimze your treatment program during your stay.

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Our Team of Spa Physicians

Professor Dr. Rudolf Radlmüller MD
Medical Director

  • General practitioner
  • Spa physician
  • Acupuncture
  • Occupational medicine
  • Emergency medicine

Kondrad Steiner MD

  • General practitioner
  • Spa physician

Heiko Rychlowski MD

  • Specialist in Orthopedics and trauma surgery
  • Sportsmedicine and chirotherapy
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Posture- and Movementdiagnostics
  • Accredited by all health insurance providers
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Medical Consultants

A team of medical consultants with various specialties supports our physicians, thereby expanding the competency of the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center in general.

In this way, our patients receive optimal care in their recovery from traumatic injury, pre- and post-surgery, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of cardio and vascular disease.


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Our Team of Medical Consultants

Manfred J. Mittermair MD

  • Specialist for trauma surgery
  • Sports traumatology
  • Intensive medicine
  • Accredited by all health insurance providers

Michael König MD

  • Specialist for trauma surgery
  • Sports traumatology
  • Intensive medicine
  • Accredited by all health insurance providers

Hubert Wallner MD

  • Specialist for internal medicine and cardiology
  • Expert in cardio and vascular disease
  • Therapies post cardiac infarction
  • Expanded health checkups
  • Court-certified medical expert 
  • Accredited by all health insurance providers

Martin Pelitz MD

  • Specialist for trauma surgery
  • Specialist for hand and arm surgery
  • Arthrosis therapy
  • Treatment of neural-compression pain
  • Accredited by all health insurance providers
Dr. Wdowiak Leitung Dialyse | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer


A modern dialysis station is integrated into the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center.

Dr. Malgorzata Wdowiak and her team are dedicated to providing personal care. Dialysis is offered to patients during their holidays as well as on a regular basis to local residents.

Malgorzata Wdowiak MD
-    Medical Director for Dialysis
-    Specialist for internal medicine and nephrology



Dr. Fiereder Zahnarzt | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer


The health services which we provide for you also include a dental practice. Dr. Robert Fiereder is accredited by all major health insurance providers. Together with his team, he is able to address all of your dental health concerns.

Dr. Robert Fiereder
-    Accredited by all health insurance providers