Thermal Swimming Lakes Immerse yourself & reenergize in genuine thermal water

Relax, unwind, feel good, escape, go with the flow. Time for elemental. You will find all of this at ur thermal swimming lakes in the heart of Gastein valley.

Paar am Steg des Thermalwasser Badesees mit Bergpanorama | © Alpentherme Gastein/Paul Bauer

Of mountains & lakes

Two thermal lakes will invigorate you.

Swimming docks, purest thermal water, and the mountains of Gastein valley reflected on the surface, … the perfect timeout at our spa resort, far removed from the hectic outside world. 




Stand up Paddeln am Thermalwasser Badesee der Alpentherme | © Alpentherme Gastein/Paul Bauer

Green Jewel:
The Emerald Lake 

The big thermal lake, our "Emerald Lake", with its turquoise water and an area of 1300 m2 , is located inside Relax World.
Wooden swimming docks and comfy loungers invite you to indulge your need for a spot of sunbathing.
Traditionally, "lake season" begins at the Alpentherme at the beginning of May. During the winter months, Emerald Lake is closed to enjoy a well-earned break of its own.

Relax World

Sauna World Aussenaufnahme mit Thermalwasser Badesee | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer

Clear as Crystal:
Our Crystal Lake

The smaller of our two thermal lakes is known as "Crystal Lake". Covering 370 m2, it is part of our Sauna World and an especially popular spot to cool off after a session in the sauna. Incidentally, you can also look forward to a very special experience in the Crystal Sauna, affording direct views of the lake as well as the Gastein mountains. Our Crystal Lake is open year-round.

Sauna World

Genuine thermal water without chlorine 

What our two lakes have in common: They are filled with genuine thermal water. Every day, 150 m3 of it flows into the lakes, without us needing to add any chemicals such as chlorine. The water is kept clean by means of an organic filtration system - ideal for everyone who is dealing with skin problems or allergies. The setting of the lakes is also quite unique: in the middle of the Gastein valley, with magnificent 360-degree panoramic views. 
If ever the weather gods choose not to cooperate, the soothingly warm indoor area of the Alpentherme greets you with thermal pools and six theme worlds, certain to entertain you until the sun lures you outside once more.

Weatherproof wellness enjoyment Six theme worlds await you at Alpentherme Gastein

For your rejuvenating holiday in Gastein Our hosts, Premium and Service Partners look forward to welcoming you! 

Only those establishments that automatically include admission to the Alpentherme are entitled to call themselves an “Alpentherme Gastein Premium Partner”.

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Service Partners provide you with entrance vouchers for use at the Alpentherme.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a swimming lake at the Alpentherme?

Yes, we actually have two thermal swimming lakes. Emerald Lake in Relax World and Crystal Lake in Sauna World. Filled with 100 % thermal water. The water is cleaned by means of an organic filtration system without added chlorine. Bathing in these lakes is especially beneficial for people with skin allergies! Emerald Lake is open from May to October, whilst Crystal Like is open year-round.

What are the special characteristics of thermal water?

Gastein thermal water is weakly mineralized and contains the natural noble gas radon. It is used as a therapeutic in our Health Center as ordered by a physician. The thermal water at Alpentherme Gastein has had the radon removed.

What is the water temperature of the different pools?

Relax World: 33 – 34 degrees Celsius; pool on the Spitz: 36 – 37 degrees; sports pool: 24 – 25 degrees; Family World: 31 – 32 degrees; mountain lake warm: 33 – 34 degrees; mountain lake cold: 24 – 25 degrees;