Relax World Leave the daily routine far behind & revive your spirits

Soothingly warm. And invigorating. With so many opportunities for activity and recreation: In the in- and outdoor pools of Relax World, you will experience for yourself the power of genuine Gastein thermal water. Meanwhile, the magnificent sight of the Hohe Tauern mountains guarantees a truly impressive atmosphere. The unique Emerald Lake makes every summertime visit to our spa resort gloriously refreshing. Immerse yourself – and escape completely.

Relax World Entspannen im Thermalwasser | © Alpentherme Gastein/Paul Bauer

Just 1 hour ago, you still had 50 to-dos in your head 1.

The source of eternal youth. Yes, indeed, it originates here in Gastein.

What makes our water so extraordinary is its natural warmth. And, of course, the special elements which the thermal water brings to the surface in the course of its long journey through the mountain. Emperors, kings & film stars have all been aware of these hot springs and their benefits. We invite you, too, to immerse yourself in our fountain of youth and experience the effects of Gastein thermal water first-hand.

about the thermal water

So, what type of spa-goer are you? Alpentherme Gastein offers a feel-good world that appeals to all tastes. Convince yourself of the extraordinary atmosphere in Relax World.

The Alpentherme Team

What Relax World in Gastein offers you:

  • Geysers
  • "Emerald Lake", a 1300 m² thermal swimming lake,  23 - 25°C, open in suitable weather conditions (winter closure)
  • Quiet areas with panoramic views of the Gastein mountains
  • Sunbathing lawns, sunny roof terraces
  • 25-meter sports pool, 24 - 25°C
  • Thermal in- and outdoor pools, 33 - 34°C
  • Activity pool with aquatic program led by fitness trainers
  • Hot-spring fed baths, 36 - 37°C
  • In-pool recliners with water jets
  • Massage jets
  • Infrared heat cabin

Have questions? The Alpentherme Team looks forward to receiving your phone call or email.

Thermalwasser Badesee Morgenstimmung | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer

Austria's first thermal swimming lakes

Our two thermal swimming lakes are quite unique. You will find the bigger of the two, with a water area of 1300 m2, in Relax World. You are certain to love it, as you will the extraordinary setting: mountains reflected in the turquoise water, wooden boardwalks with comfy sun loungers to soak up some rays, and spacious green areas to stretch out. Ever tried your hand at stand-up paddling? Now you have the opportunity, here on Emerald Lake.

Unique thermal swimming lakes

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a swimming lake at the Alpentherme?

Yes, we actually have two thermal swimming lakes. Emerald Lake in Relax World and Crystal Lake in Sauna World. Filled with 100 % thermal water. The water is cleaned by means of an organic filtration system without added chlorine. Bathing in these lakes is especially beneficial for people with skin allergies! Emerald Lake is open from May to October, whilst Crystal Like is open year-round.

Does the Alpentherme also offer gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available from our Online Shop. You can also order them by phoning 06432/8293-0 or purchase them in person at the Alpentherme Gastein ticket desk.

Can loungers be reserved in advance?

During your stay at Alpentherme Gastein, you will have around 1400 loungers available to you (indoors and out). It is not possible to reserve specific loungers.

Is the “Relax & Active” program included with admission to the Alpentherme?

Yes, the daily Relax & Active program is included in the cost of admission to the Alpentherme. Please consult starting times which are posted at the attendants’ desks! 

Are visits to the Alpentherme possible for pregnant women?

In general, you should have no concerns about visiting Alpentherme Gastein during pregnancy. However, we always advise you to consult your own doctor first.

Is there a tanning studio?

Yes. By law, users must be 18 or older. Four modern tanning beds are available for guests of the Alpentherme to use.

What are the special characteristics of thermal water?

Gastein thermal water is weakly mineralized and contains the natural noble gas radon. It is used as a therapeutic in our Health Center as ordered by a physician. The thermal water at Alpentherme Gastein has had the radon removed.

What is the water temperature of the different pools?

Relax World: 33 – 34 degrees Celsius; pool on the Spitz: 36 – 37 degrees; sports pool: 24 – 25 degrees; Family World: 31 – 32 degrees; mountain lake warm: 33 – 34 degrees; mountain lake cold: 24 – 25 degrees;

Do we have free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is available in the self-service restaurant, in Sports World and the dialysis station.