Therapies & medical offers in the health center More than a classic therapy center

At the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center – your center for health and therapy treatments in Bad Hofgastein – we accompany you on your path to a healthy, active lifestyle. The comprehensive medical and therapeutic services are available to residential guests within the scope of a full rehabilitation or preventive healthcare program, as they are for outpatient therapy prescribed by a general practitioner or specialist as well as for private health-focused holidays.

Overview of all our health services:

Gesundheitszentrum Radon-Thermal-Wannenbad | © Alpentherme Gastein/Marktl Photography

Radon Therapies

Our central curative emerges from the earth in 16 springs at the foot of the Gastein Waterfall, with a temperature around 46 degrees Celsius. This thermal water is slightly mineralized and enriched with naturally occurring radon. This, in turn, stimulates the immune system. The natural warmth of the thermal water also enhances blood flow.

Analysis of the thermal water:

Spring temperature 45.8°C
Outflow 2400 m³ per day
Radon content 55 nCi/liter

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Medical Indications

These physical complaints are successfully treated at the Health Center:

  • Inflammatory or degenerative joint disease (ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis etc.)
  • Degenerative conditions of the spine and joints
  • Disk problems
  • Complaints due to osteoporosis
  • Muscular or soft-tissue pain conditions
  • Consequences of sports injuries and trauma
  • Chronic pain conditions (fibromyalgia, polyneuropathy etc.)
  • Susceptibility to infection
  • Respiratory problems (asthma, chronic bronchitis etc.)
  • Skin problems (psoriasis, neurodermatitis etc.)
  • Overall regeneration and strengthening of the immune system

Sports medicine as the ideal complement

Our Sports Medicine department offers professional fitness checks to improve performance - not just for high-performance athletes and people involved in amateur sports. It also assists beginners and those wanting to return to an active lifestyle in finding a healthy, sustainable path to achieve their personal sporting goals.

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Gait Analysis

Pinpointing and correcting gait abnormalities is the key to curing numerous disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system. A gait analysis serves as the basis for you and our therapists to develop a plan of action for ongoing therapy.

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Have questions?

If you have questions or already wish to set up appointments for your therapy, our scheduling team will be happy to assist. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who covers the costs of my health or therapy stay?

If your therapy application is approved, your health-insurance provider may cover most of the costs. Potentially, you might have to pay a deductible. For further details, please consult the website of your insurance provider.

What therapies may be covered under health-insurance plans?

Here you will find a full listing of our therapy offers.

May my partner accompany me when I am on a therapy program?

Naturally. If s/he also wishes to participate in an insurance-financed therapy program, s/he will also need to get approval from their own insurance provider. We are also happy to offer you a customized health package for your companion if the insurance provider does not cover them. Our therapy department will be happy to advise you about your different options!

Do I have a right to insurance-financed preventive health care, therapy programs or rehabilitation?

No, you do not have an automatic right to insurance-financed therapy or preventive care. This is determined by the insurance provider in question. Contact your personal insurance provider for further assistance.

What is therapy reaction?

During a therapy program, we frequently observe that symptoms take a temporary turn for the worse.

General adverse reactions may include:

  • Sleeplessness, increased need for sleep, restless sleep, fatigue
  • Inner agitation, irritability, headache
  • Abdominal complaints such as queasiness, indigestion, flatulence
  • Heart palpitations, cardiovascular problems, dizziness
  • Tingling in the limbs, muscle tension and muscle aches & pains
  • Chronic dental problems may become acute
  • During motion therapy, complaints due to muscle tension may become more pronounced, though pain should not be a factor.
What is offered in the Health Center?

Since May 2021, Kurzentrum Bad Hofgastein has been known as "Alpentherme Gastein Health Center". As part of a therapy stay in Salzburg or a complete health-focused holiday, you can combat an array of health problems and improve your general wellbeing. For further information on our therapy and health offers, please read more about the Alpentherme Gastein Gesundheitszentrum.

When should I not participate in thermal radon therapy?

If you are suffering from any kind of acute severe disease. Be particular cautious if you are suffering from severe heart disease, lung disease, mania, psychosis. There are no restrictions which are specific to Gastein.

How long does a residential health program typically last?

If you are manifesting a physical complaint, your residential period will generally be 3-4 weeks. For milder issues or prevention, good successes can usually be achieved with fewer treatments.

Where do I go to apply for an insurance-funded health or therapy program?

To your G.P. or a medical specialist.

What is GVA?

GVA is a holistic, modular therapy program intended to aid in the treatment of diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system. For further information, read more about the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center.

How long have people been coming to Gastein for spa therapy?

The beginnings of bathing therapy in Gastein valley go all the way back to the 14th century. Bad Hofgastein became a spa destination in the 19th century (due to lack of space in Bad Gastein), after Emperor Franz I granted permission in 1828 for the building of a pipeline from Bad Gastein to Bad Hofgastein. Since that time,  Bad Hofgastein has received around 1 million liters of thermal water (from the Elisabethquelle) every single day from a total outflow of 4.5 million liters.

How often can I participate in a 3-week insurance-funded health or therapy program?

Normally twice every 5 years.