Physiotherapy & Remedial Exercise Treatments that mobilize and strengthen

The therapy and prevention programs at the Health Center in Bad Hofgastein also include physiotherapy treatments. In combination with the Gastein Thermal Cure, they provide for holistic wellbeing - whether as part of a full therapy program, a health-focused holiday or as nonresidential therapy.

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How physiotherapy works

The underlying principle of physiotherapy is to produce a reaction in the body through focused stimuli as well as active or passive movements. In order to be effective, the therapeutic stimuli must be given at intervals as reasonably close together as possible. In this way, the body is strengthened, stretched and regenerated.
Take full advantage of physiotherapy treatments during your residential or nonresidential therapy program in Gastein in order to give your body greater mobility and a renewed sense of wellbeing.


Multifaceted and effective Your therapy success is close to our therapists' hearts

Different health issues and diagnoses demand appropriate treatment methods designed to address the specific circumstances. Our therapists have been trained in various physiotherapy specialties in order to provide you the absolute best care possible.

These forms of therapy are offered at  the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center:

Classic physiotherapy is offered either individually, or as group therapy within the framework of a residential health stay covered by the insurance provider. Under the direction of a physiotherapist, exercises are conducted appropriate to the symptoms with a view to alleviation or prevention. The process begins with compilation of a precise medical history, including medical diagnoses as well as associated life circumstances (e.g. career stress, physical activity, etc.). This is followed by a customized series of therapy sessions as well as instruction about exercises that can be done independently at home. A therapy session usually lasts 30 minutes. 

Medical Training Therapy

Medical training therapy is a branch of physiotherapy. In our therapy center, it is used in the fields of orthopedics, surgery, neurology as well as rheumatology. Therapy is given to affected areas of the musculoskeletal system by means of targeted training on medical equipment. Endurance, strength and coordination are all trained. Medical training therapy is also employed as preventive care.

Sling-Table Therapy

During sling-table therapy, the patient experiences relief making some movements since their own bodyweight is removed from the equation. The process involves laying and suspending parts of the body, such as the pelvis, legs, head and/or arms, in cotton slings. This relieves pressure on the spine and joints. Otherwise restricted or painful movements can be facilitated significantly, performed under essentially weightless conditions. The goal of this therapy is to alleviate acute pain suffered by the patient. Furthermore, the sling table can be used to gradually strengthen individual muscles or whole muscle groups.

Breathing & Relaxation Therapy

The goal of breathing therapy is to improve respiratory and lung function. Furthermore, it enhances the sense of physical wellbeing in general. It is suitable for everyone, though especially for patients with ailments affecting the respiratory organs such as asthmatics, allergy sufferers or those with chronic obstructive bronchitis.

During muscle relaxation according to Jacobson, targeted tensing and relaxation of various muscle groups is used to relieve stress and tension, and to improve body perception. A combination of breathing therapy and muscle relaxation is provided through positioning therapy according to Schaarschuch Haase. This is especially appropriate for patients with severe mobility impairments of the spine such as ankylosing spondylitis and hyperkyphosis. By providing targeted physical support in combination with breathing and relaxation, the ribcage, in particular, is expanded.


Bopath therapy is a treatment concept for patients with brain damage caused, for example, by stroke, meningitis or skull trauma. The goal is to make the functions of daily life possible and easier again. This is achieved through exercises to improve coordination, physical perception and motor control. Since Bobath therapy is a 24-hour concept, family members are also trained in coping with patients. This involves positioning, transfers and physical care. The patients also learn certain activities of their own which they can integrated into their daily lives.


PNF stands for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It is a physiotherapy concept designed to promote and restore the activities of daily life. Various types of movement and physical positioning are available to us in this form of therapy.

Therapeutic Climbing

The equipment at Alpentherme Gastein also includes a climbing wall which is used for therapeutic purposes. During therapeutic climbing, physical awareness, coordination and stabilization are all trained. The areas of application are broad. Treatment involving the climbing wall is just as suitable for children as it is for the classic slipped disc as well as neurological disorders. Older people with artificial joint replacements likewise benefit from this form of therapy.


This tape, originally from Japan, supports the body’s own healing processes. It affects the muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. The tape is breathable, gentle on the skin, stretchable and waterproof. It can be worn comfortably for several days. Due to the characteristics of the material, after only a few minutes the kinesiotape is no longer disturbing. And rather than restricting the activities of daily life, they are actually enhanced by the taping. The tape is used in various fields including orthopedics, preventative medicine, lymphatic drainage, traumatology, neurology as well as all sporting areas.

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Earliest-possible mobilization

Training on the new anti-gravity treadmill at the Health Center accelerates the start of walking therapy and contributes to rapid therapy success. With AlterG®, patients have the opportunity to walk or run pain-free after an operation or injury. Due to early mobilization and the ability to maintain a natural gait, full functionality is restored far faster.

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