Anti-Gravity Training Faster therapy success through training on AlterG®, the anti-gravity treadmill

A feeling of weightlessness – made possible through training on the new anti-gravity treadmill at the Health Center. Thanks to AlterG®, patients have the opportunity to walk or run pain-free shortly after surgery and injuries to the knees, ankles or hips.

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on the moon"

The AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill is training equipment that harnesses technology developed by NASA to take advantage of weightlessness or reduced gravity for medical therapeutic purposes.

What are the benefits of training with the AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill?

Training with the reduced effects of gravity allows patients to begin a rehabilitation program within just a few days after surgery or injury, something which would normally only be possible after several weeks. Because of lower body weight thanks to the anti-gravity treadmill, patients can walk or run pain-free during training. Due to early mobilization, the time frame the muscles need to remain inactive  and rest is shortened considerably, thereby accelerating the rehabilitation process and making a decisive contribution to therapy success.

On the AlterG® treadmill, it is possible to adjust for body weight precisely in 1% increments up to as much as 80 % for optimal therapy results. That said, we are able to set the treadmill exactly to ensure our patients can walk or run without pain. Because the amount of stress placed on the body can be adjusted in such small increments, progress can also be assessed and documented with exceptional precision.


How does training on the AlterG® treadmill work?

During training on the anti-gravity treadmill, patients stand up to their hips in an airtight pressure chamber. The treadmill determines the weight of the patient and fills the chamber with air. This creates a pressure which – calibrated to the individual and their training goals – can reduce effective body weight by up to 80 percent. 


Precise gait analytics

This computerized treadmill can be adjusted incrementally – from a slow walk to a fast jog. In the AlterG®, our patients move completely independently, using their usual stride and rolling motion. The lifting force facilitates a physiologically optimal gait and balance. 
The integrated gait analysis system provides real-time feedback on the display. By showing weight distribution, stride length, stride frequency, idle time and pain responses, the gait quality can be evaluated with pinpoint accuracy and corrected correspondingly. In this way, pain can be minimized and potential asymmetry corrected.


Early mobilization for therapy success

Effective training with reduced gravity allows for early mobilization after major cartilage surgery on the ankles or knees, cruciate ligament reconstruction as well as muscle and tendon injury to the lower extremities. However, patients with an artificial knee or hip implant also benefit from this form of therapy. As a consequence, the rehab process is accelerated and therapy success improved. Nowadays, professional athletes worldwide also use AlterG® in order to get back in action as quickly as possible after injury. AlterG® is likewise immensely popular with elderly patients who have problems walking, negating any risk of falling and thus helping them overcome their physical insecurities.


Training on AlterG® is recommended for:

  • preparation pre-surgery
  • injuries to the knees, hips, ankles as well as broken bones in the lower legs and thighs
  • new hip and knee joints
  • pain due to general wear and tear
  • Achilles’ tendon reconstruction
  • back complaints
  • improved sense of balance
  • rehabilitation of hobby and pro athletes
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Do you have any additional questions?

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