Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected the questions which the Alpentherme is most frequently asked. Of course, we are also happy to assist you if you have specific questions of your own.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry directed to the Alpentherme or the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center either by telephone or email

How is dialysis treatment billed?

Direct billing with Austrian insurance providers is possible. Billing for guests from EU countries is by means of form E112.

Barrier-free at the health center.

The health center has barrier-free amentities for people with handicaps.

Kann Therme & Sauna barrierefrei genutzt werden?

The thermal baths and sauna area has barrier-free amentities for people with handicaps. (eg. lift into the pool) With an applicable notation on the disability ID, your personal attendant receives free admission.

Who covers the costs of my health or therapy stay?

If your therapy application is approved, your health-insurance provider may cover most of the costs. Potentially, you might have to pay a deductible. For further details, please consult the website of your insurance provider.

What therapies may be covered under health-insurance plans?

Here you will find a full listing of our therapy offers.

May my partner accompany me when I am on a therapy program?

Naturally. If s/he also wishes to participate in an insurance-financed therapy program, s/he will also need to get approval from their own insurance provider. We are also happy to offer you a customized health package for your companion if the insurance provider does not cover them. Our therapy department will be happy to advise you about your different options!

Can I decide for myself where I stay during my therapy program?

Fundamentally, you cannot choose where you stay, though you may state your preferences on the application form. Alpentherme Gastein Health Center specializes in conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Local thermal water is used as a natural curative. If your preferred institution has direct-billing arrangements with your insurance provider and offers appropriate therapy for your symptoms, approval for that institution will generally be granted.

My therapy application was rejected by my health insurance provider. What should I do now?

You may object to that decision, submitting written support from your attending physician. Of course, you also have the option of paying for your health stay yourself. Our team in the therapy department will be happy to talk to you about your various opportunities and our therapy packages.

Do insurance companies cover treatments for back and disk problems?

Pain affecting the musculoskeletal system may indicate the need for thermal radon therapy in combination with motion therapy, which in turn may be covered by your insurance provider.

Does radon help with nerve pain?

Yes, radon therapy is a very good treatment for neuralgia.

When do sauna infusions take place?

Our sauna attendants in Sauna World host guided sauna infusions every day. Right here you can find our infusion plan.

I have heard that radon therapy may cause cancer. Is that true?

There is not a single proven case of cancer being caused by radon in therapeutic doses. In fact, some studies (Cohen, USA) suggest this kind of low-dosage exposure might even afford some level of protection against cancer.

Can I bring my baby/small child to the Alpentherme with me?

Naturally. In our Family World we provide a separate area for small children including a baby pool (in- and outdoors) and changing station. Baby buggies and bottle warmers are available for you to use free of charge. Please note that your child must wear swim diapers, which may also be purchased in our bathing shop.

How can I improve my therapy success?
  • allow plenty of time for your treatments
  • strictly adhere to scheduled rest and quiet periods
  • don’t overly stress yourself physically on the side – strolls, relaxed walks, cycling are permitted
  • drink plenty of fluids
Where can I read the rules for the pools and saunas?

So that all guests of Alpentherme Gastein can unwind and relax completely, we post our codes of contact throughout our spa resort. Please note that children under 16 are not admitted to the sauna area (exception: Family Sauna Day if accompanied by a parent). Children’s data storage media automatically block access to Sauna World.

What is a bathing rash and how can it be prevented?

Due to the frequent water treatments, your skin will be more inclined to dry out, plus the skin is stimulated both mechanically and thermically in the course of treatments. It is important to treat your skin regularly, up to 3 times a day, with moisturizing skin creams and body milks.

Can I borrow bathing items at the Alpentherme?

Bathing items may be borrowed for a fee from the ticket desk of Alpentherme Gastein. 

Does the Alpentherme have thermal water with an elevated radon content?

The pools of Alpentherme Gastein are filled with thermal water from which the radon has been removed.

Do mud packs contain radon?


Do I have to wear bathing slippers?

No, though we strongly recommend that guests do wear bathing slippers throughout the Alpentherme. For a small fee, these may be borrowed from the ticket desk of the Alpentherme. 

Why do I need to be examined by a Gastein spa physician prior to radon treatment, even though I have a prescription from my own doctor?
  • Only a local physician knows and has specific experience with the radon-specific characteristics of our thermal water
  • Provincial law requires a medical examination by a Gastein spa physician
  • Furthermore, you may physically respond quite differently at your therapy destination than at home
Is there a swimming lake at the Alpentherme?

Yes, we actually have two thermal swimming lakes. Emerald Lake in Relax World and Crystal Lake in Sauna World. Filled with 100 % thermal water. The water is cleaned by means of an organic filtration system without added chlorine. Bathing in these lakes is especially beneficial for people with skin allergies! Emerald Lake is open from May to October, whilst Crystal Like is open year-round.

May I use Beauty World without actually visiting the spa resort itself?

Beauty World is located on the 1st floor of the Alpentherme and is also accessible via an external entrance, meaning you don’t have to go through the actual spa resort.

I recently had a rheumatic flare-up, what do I need to pay special attention to?

You should definitely bring your most recent medical reports with you to your checkup with our spa physicians. In consultation with you, the doctor will then decide how much heat therapy you should currently be exposed to.

How big is the Cascadia Sauna?

The Cascadia Sauna is one of the highlights of Sauna World. The big sauna chamber with room for up to 60 people as well as special daily staged infusions turn your sauna session in the Cascadia into an extraordinary ritual. 

Does a session in the Gastein Healing Gallery correspond to a specific number of radon baths?


What do I need to data bracelet for?

When you enter the Alpentherme, you will receive a data bracelet with which you can secure your locker in the changing rooms.
Furthermore, it is also used to book all charges which you incur for dining, the sauna, tanning, massage, fitness etc. You will then settle those charges at the exit as you are leaving. Always keep your bracelet with you. You will be charged a fee if you should lose it.

What should I be aware of after a stroke?
  • it should be at least 6 months ago
  • blood pressure should be well adjusted and controlled   
  • possible stroke causes (blood clots, auricular fibrillation) must have been treated
Is there also cold radon in Gastein?


Is it really a bad thing to take a shower immediately after a radon bath?

Yes, you shouldn’t take a shower for around 1 hour after your thermal bath, since the radon is also absorbed through your skin and some of the pain relief is brought about by radon deposits in the skin.

Is there a special area for families?

Alpentherme Gastein features Family World just for families. Aside from an area especially for small children, the Multimedia Dome, Black Hole rafting slide, a speed slide and Lazy River promise non-stop variety. In the outdoor area, you are greeted by a 4-track wave slide and small-child area from May to October. This way to Family World.

Is there a fitness center and is this included with admission to the Alpentherme?

Sports World – which is the fitness center here at Alpentherme Gastein – is not included in the price of admission to the spa resort and saunas. For an additional fee, you will be able to enter Sports World from the main spa resort. Sports World can also be visited independent of the spa resort. Our fitness center is open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 8 PM. Please note that access to the fitness center is only permitted for those over the age of 16. This way to Sports World.

I have potency problems, will radon help?

Centuries of experience have shown that radon therapy may indeed help with this specific problem, with positive “side effects”.

What’s the best time of year for treatment or preventive programs?

For the most part, it really doesn’t matter when you come here for therapy. Many patients like to come here in the autumn so that they will be better able to deal with their rheumatic symptoms once it turns cold.

Is there a separate area just for women?

Ladies only: Ladies World at Alpentherme Gastein offers a unique retreat only accessible to women. Whether steam bath, sauna or infrared cabin – Ladies World enables you to enjoy utterly relaxed moments in a completely undisturbed setting. Ladies World is included in the cost of admission to the Alpentherme.

What is the Gastein climate like?

Due to the mountain elevations, sensitive people might take a brief time to adjust. However, the special climatic conditions here actually add to the effectiveness of the therapy programs offered in Gastein.

Whom do I need to contact if I have lost or forgotten something?

If you forgot or lost something after your most recent visit to the Alpentherme, contact us by phoning +43(0)6432/8293-300.

Is there a locker for every bathing guest of the Alpentherme?

Yes, in changing rooms 1 and 2 there are plenty of lockers available to visitors. For school classes, we provide a separate group changing room.

Does the mountain elevation cause heart problems?

Therapy institutions in Gastein are located at elevations between 960 and 1280 m above sea level, where there is plenty of oxygen in the air and there is absolutely no risk for heart patients. To the contrary, the ability of the blood to bind oxygen is actually stimulated, which means you will have even more oxygen in your blood. This same effect is harnessed by athletes when they undergo altitude training.

Do I have a right to insurance-financed preventive health care, therapy programs or rehabilitation?

No, you do not have an automatic right to insurance-financed therapy or preventive care. This is determined by the insurance provider in question. Contact your personal insurance provider for further assistance.

What makes Gastein Cosmetics so special?

Natural cosmetics with the primal power of 3500-year-old Gastein thermal water. This precious water, highly concentrated pure active ingredients, extracts of regional herbs and plant oils serve as the basis for the Gastein Health & Beauty cosmetics line. Available exclusively at Alpentherme Gastein.

What is therapy reaction?

During a therapy program, we frequently observe that symptoms take a temporary turn for the worse.

General adverse reactions may include:

  • Sleeplessness, increased need for sleep, restless sleep, fatigue
  • Inner agitation, irritability, headache
  • Abdominal complaints such as queasiness, indigestion, flatulence
  • Heart palpitations, cardiovascular problems, dizziness
  • Tingling in the limbs, muscle tension and muscle aches & pains
  • Chronic dental problems may become acute
  • During motion therapy, complaints due to muscle tension may become more pronounced, though pain should not be a factor.
Do you receive a gift on your birthday?

If you visit Alpentherme Gastein on your birthday, we will give you free entrance to the spa resort on that day – please bring a photo ID with you!

What natural therapeutics are used in Gastein?
  • thermal water containing radon
  • elevated radon levels in the air of the Gastein Thermal Gallery
What is offered in the Health Center?

Since May 2021, Kurzentrum Bad Hofgastein has been known as "Alpentherme Gastein Health Center". As part of a therapy stay in Salzburg or a complete health-focused holiday, you can combat an array of health problems and improve your general wellbeing. For further information on our therapy and health offers, please read more about the Alpentherme Gastein Gesundheitszentrum.

Can I choose my treatments?

The therapy program is designed by the spa physician in consultation with the guest.

What complaints can be treated successfully?

Here you can find a list of medical indications.

Does the Alpentherme also offer gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available from our Online Shop. You can also order them by phoning 06432/8293-0 or purchase them in person at the Alpentherme Gastein ticket desk.

When should I not participate in thermal radon therapy?

If you are suffering from any kind of acute severe disease. Be particular cautious if you are suffering from severe heart disease, lung disease, mania, psychosis. There are no restrictions which are specific to Gastein.

How long does a residential health program typically last?

If you are manifesting a physical complaint, your residential period will generally be 3-4 weeks. For milder issues or prevention, good successes can usually be achieved with fewer treatments.

Can I take my mobile device with me everywhere in the Alpentherme?

No, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs are not permitted anywhere in the sauna area or in Ladies World. We ask our bathing guests to respect the privacy of others throughout the spa resort and not to photograph anybody.

Where do I go to apply for an insurance-funded health or therapy program?

To your G.P. or a medical specialist.

Can children’s birthdays be celebrated at the Alpentherme?

The self-service restaurant offers special menus for perfect children's parties.

What is GVA?

GVA is a holistic, modular therapy program intended to aid in the treatment of diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system. For further information, read more about the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center.

What things should I be aware of during my stay?
  • allow plenty of time for your treatments
  • stick to the scheduled quiet times  
  • moderation in all things, avoid hectic activities
  • get plenty of sleep
  • drink a lot (water, tea)
  • give yourself intensive skin care with remoisturizing lotions
How long have people been coming to Gastein for spa therapy?

The beginnings of bathing therapy in Gastein valley go all the way back to the 14th century. Bad Hofgastein became a spa destination in the 19th century (due to lack of space in Bad Gastein), after Emperor Franz I granted permission in 1828 for the building of a pipeline from Bad Gastein to Bad Hofgastein. Since that time,  Bad Hofgastein has received around 1 million liters of thermal water (from the Elisabethquelle) every single day from a total outflow of 4.5 million liters.

Can loungers be reserved in advance?

During your stay at Alpentherme Gastein, you will have around 1400 loungers available to you (indoors and out). It is not possible to reserve specific loungers.

Are massages offered?

Aside from classic massages, in the Health Center and Beauty World of Alpentherme Gastein we also offer a selection of special massages as well as massages for pure relaxation.

How often can I participate in a 3-week insurance-funded health or therapy program?

Normally twice every 5 years.

Do insurance companies cover treatments for osteoporosis?

They may indeed, since the benefits of radon therapy include pain alleviation. Of course, you will need to keep taking the medications which you have been prescribed and continue to do your osteoporosis exercises. Lymphatic drainage has also proven effective in the form of gentle massage.

Is there a nude area at the Alpentherme?

All facilities in the sauna area and Ladies World are intended for nude guests.

What should I be aware of with respect to vascular diseases?

Vascular diseases are not generally problematic when undergoing heat treatments if you do the following:

  • expose yourself to cold water before and after heat treatments
  • use cold veinous wraps as prescribed by the spa physician
  • wear compression stockings
  • walk a lot, elevate your legs
  • take your vascular medication as prescribed
  • consult the spa physician
Where can I subscribe to the newsletter?

You can sign up right here.: Sign up for our newsletter

What should I be aware of during pregnancy / breast feeding?

Gentle back massages and visits to Alpentherme Gastein (where we use de-radonized thermal water)  are also possible during pregnancy / breast feeding. However, for other treatments you should first consult your gynecologist.

When is the Alpentherme open?

Right here you can find complete opening times.

What should I be aware of if I had a heart attack e.g. six months to a year ago?

Since the acute phase of a cardiac infarction is generally over after one year, radon therapy can once again be considered if you are able to achieve around 100 Watts in an ergometric stress test without a problem.

Does the Alpentherme have parking?

Yes, there is plenty of parking right here at Alpentherme Gastein. Parking is free during your visit to the Alpentherme. Please validate your parking ticket at the ticket desk as you leave the Alpentherme.

Is the “Relax & Active” program included with admission to the Alpentherme?

Yes, the daily Relax & Active program is included in the cost of admission to the Alpentherme. Please consult starting times which are posted at the attendants’ desks! 

What should I be aware of with respect to blood thinners?
  • your blood thinners must be correctly adjusted
  • because your circumstances are different than at home, monitor your levels more frequently
  • mechanical therapies (massage, electrotherapy) must be adapted as appropriate by the spa physician in order to avoid any danger of hematomas
What should I be aware of with respect to high blood pressure?

If you are taking correctly dosed medications and monitor your blood pressure regularly, it will not be a problem during treatment.

What can I look forward to in Relax World?

Time for genuine. That’s what Relax World is all about, with its invigorating and reviving worlds of water. Stimulating thermal waters combined with wonderful views of the imposing peaks inside Hohe Tauern National Park. Relax World in Gastein offers the following facilities: thermal in- and outdoor pools, activity pool with aquatic program led by fitness trainers, hot-spring pool, bubble-jet loungers, massage jets, quiet areas with panoramic views of the Gastein mountains, sunbathing area, 25-meter sports pool, infrared heat cabin, geysers. 1300 m² thermal swimming lake "Emerald Lake" in the outdoor area of Relax World.

Is there a restaurant at the Alpentherme?

Yes, bathing guests can make use of the self-service restaurant which is accessible from Relax World as well as Family World. 

Are there snacks and drinks in Sauna World?

The Sauna Bar offers snacks and drinks for whenever you get a little peckish or thirsty between sauna sessions.

What can I look forward to in Sauna World?

Time for relaxation. This is the motto of Sauna World. In addition to 12 different sauna chambers, there is a cold and a warm mountain lake, the Crystal Lake thermal swimming lake, several quiet rooms (also a panorama quiet room), shower house, tanning beds, Water Bar and Sauna Bar. Our sauna area is for nude bathers, admission restricted to ages 16 and up.

Are visits to the Alpentherme possible for pregnant women?

In general, you should have no concerns about visiting Alpentherme Gastein during pregnancy. However, we always advise you to consult your own doctor first.

What does the Alpentherme shop carry?

In the entrance area of the Alpentherme, you will find a shop that sells bathing items as well as magazines. 

What should I be aware of when visiting the self-service restaurant?

During your stay at Alpentherme Gastein, you are welcome to visit our self-service restaurant which is accessible from Relax World as well as Family World. When visiting this restaurant, always wear bathing slippers and a spa robe.

Is there a tanning studio?

Yes. By law, users must be 18 or older. Four modern tanning beds are available for guests of the Alpentherme to use.

What is offered by the sports medicine department?

Whether to create a training plan or conduct a performance test – the sports medicine department at the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center provides valuable support to hobby athletes as well as top-flight professionals.

What can I look forward to in Sports World?

With modern sporting equipment, spacious areas for exercise and stretching, a chill-out zone and direct access to the spa resort, this fitness center offers everything you could desire. The fitness center can be used independently of the spa resort itself.

What are the special characteristics of thermal water?

Gastein thermal water is weakly mineralized and contains the natural noble gas radon. It is used as a therapeutic in our Health Center as ordered by a physician. The thermal water at Alpentherme Gastein has had the radon removed.

Are drinks available in the sauna area?

The Water Bar is located in the middle of Sauna World at Alpentherme Gastein. You can quench your thirst after sauna sessions here with chilled water, sparkling water and lukewarm water.

Does the Alpentherme have water beds?

Yes. A room with water beds is located in Sauna World, offering complete relaxation accompanied by music in an atmospheric setting.

What is the water temperature of the different pools?

Relax World: 33 – 34 degrees Celsius; pool on the Spitz: 36 – 37 degrees; sports pool: 24 – 25 degrees; Family World: 31 – 32 degrees; mountain lake warm: 33 – 34 degrees; mountain lake cold: 24 – 25 degrees;

Where can I store my valuables?

We have safes available in the entrance lobby for the storage of jewelry as well as larger amounts of cash  (1 € deposit). Always wear your data-storage bracelet on your wrist in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Do we have free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is available in the self-service restaurant, in Sports World and the dialysis station. 

Where do I find the weekly program?

From March to December we offer you this attractive weekly program