Electrotherapy & Mud Therapy Pain Reduction and Regeneration

As a complement to radon thermal treatments, physiotherapy and massage, the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center also utilizes the pain-alleviating and regenerative properties of electrotherapy and mud therapy.


Therapeutic treatments with electricity involve transforming the electrical current and directing it through the skin to those parts of the body that are ill. Depending on the type of therapy, effects include metabolic stimulation, improved blood flow, reduced pain, loosening of muscles and muscle growth. In turn, the healing process may be improved and accelerated.

Within the scope of a residential health program or as outpatient therapy, we use various forms of electrotherapy. Precisely which type of therapy is most appropriate to your circumstances will be determined by your personal GP or a spa physician prior to commencing treatment.

Electrotherapy Treatments at the Health Center:

  • Galvanization
  • Impulse galvanization
  • Iontophoresis
  • Exponential current
  • Diadynamic current
  • TENS
  • Ultra-stimulation current
  • High voltage
  • Threshold current
  • Ultrasonic 
  • Interferential current
  • High frequency
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Mud Packs

At Alpentherme Gastein Health Center, mud is offered in the form of packs. These mud packs are laid on specific areas of the body requiring treatment. The warmth of the mud pack produces mild hyperthermia which, in combination with the active ingredients within the mud, promotes blood flow and more efficient elimination of metabolic waste products.

By applying the packs of natural mud while the patient is lying on a pleasantly warm Soft-Pack waterbed, there is no heat loss and the treatment is especially relaxing. One benefit of the packs is that the patient is exposed to gentle waves of heat, meaning that even those people who are sensitive to heat can tolerate the treatment well.

Treatment Applications of Mud Therapy:

  • Degenerative  conditions affecting the axial skeleton and joints (arthrosis)
  • Pain affecting tendon insertions in the shoulder, knees and hips
  • Chronic inflammation of the bursa
  • Organ dysfunction (especially gastric complaints)
  • Complaints of the liver and gall bladder
  • Complaints affecting the lower abdomen
  • Bladder issues

TIP: Mud treatments are offered in the form of partial, half- or full-body packs. They also combine well with thermal treatments and many other types of therapy. Ask our team of physicians about the combination which is ideal for you.

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