Psychological Services Consulting, diagnostics and treatment for your mental health

Stress, overload at the workplace and in daily life, pressure to succeed and lack of time – all of these things directly impact the quality of life for many people and often have negative health consequences. The psychological services team of the Alpentherme Gastein Health Center supports and guides you in developing appropriate strategies to counteract this. In this way, you can further contribute to your health as a whole. At the forefront is the maintenance and improvement of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

You can set up an individual consultation at any time. Our psychology team is there for you – either for preventive care, as part of a full therapy program, or to address current problems or questions quite independent of other therapy forms.

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Psychological Counseling

If you wish take advantage of our psychological counseling services, we begin with an initial discussion to determine your personal situation and issues. Based upon this, we will then decide how to proceed from there.
Treatment is important and helpful if you are coping with acute and chronic stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, or if you are dealing with physical problems which might be influenced by psychological factors.


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Whether psychological counseling focused on the workplace, biofeedback training or smoking cessation. The spectrum of services offered by the psychology team at the Health Center is here to meet your personal needs. Also within the scope of a physical therapy or preventive treatment program, our psychologists are happy to provide you with additional support and help you better come to terms with the stressful aspects of daily life.

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By measuring heart rate variability, an overview of a person's state of health and mental stress can be obtained. The measured values ​​provide information about the physical and mental balance.