Health from the Cryochamber Goosebumps meet pure elation: A session in the cryochamber not only gives you a jolt of freshness, it also releases a whole lot of endorphins

Even all the way back in Antiquity, Hippocrates was utilizing cold, especially ice, in the treatment of illnesses. Sebastian Kneipp and Paracelsus likewise swore by the benefits of cold in combatting pain. Today we know: Whole-body cryotherapy has an array of benefits including improved soft-tissue tone, muscle regeneration, pain reduction and increased performance.

Best of all: Thanks to the extreme cold temperature as low as negative 110 degrees Celsius, our cryochamber stimulates endorphin production within the body and enhances our overall sense of wellbeing. Furthermore: The immune system also benefits from cryotherapy!

3 minutes, tinglingly frosty & invigorating How the cryochamber works


Before entering the cryochamber, you will be asked to complete a medical history form. This will help us avoid potential contraindications and ensure that you are a suitable candidate for cryotherapy. We will also explain the procedure to you and answer all of your questions. And not to worry, our team will accompany you from start to finish of your cryotherapy treatment!

During your visit to the cryochamber, you will need to wear a swimsuit or close-fitting underwear along with shoes. You will also have to protect your extremities: a cap or headband, gloves and socks will protect your ears, fingers and toes. Due to the dry, cold air, you must also wear a facemask covering the mouth and nose during cryochamber therapy.

Our cryochamber has a broad glass window. This ensures that, during this short treatment, you won’t feel claustrophobic and will remain in constant eye contact with our staff. Additionally, both doors – for the outer and inner chambers – can be opened at all times both from the inside and out. That said, treatment inside the cryochamber can be ended at any time you wish.

You will first enter the outer chamber, which has been cooled to -30 °C. You will spend around one minute there, which will allow you to get used to the temperature. You will then move to the main therapy room, where the temperature is -110 °C, and stay there for up to three minutes, moving slowly back and forth. Our team will maintain constant eye contact with you during the treatment. Very important: inhale deeply and consciously since the oxygen level of the cryochamber is 60%! Upon conclusion of your cryotherapy, you will be able to warm up by moving around and doing gentle exercises.


The Cryochamber – a true allrounder Fields of application at the Health Center

Use of Cold in Sport

Maximum results thanks to improved performance
and shorter regeneration periods.

  • Increased performance due to enhanced metabolic function
  • Accelerated muscle recovery
  • Improved joint function
  • Boosted endorphin release
  • Antiedema benefits
  • Increased blood flow and therefore improved regeneration

Use of Cold for Health

Positive changes in the body thanks to increased blood flow and an improved immune system.

  • Pain perception is reduced
  • Inflammatory processes are diminished
  • Rheumatic complaints subside (e.g. chronic pain, arthrosis ...)
  • Mobility of the body and joints is improved
  • Reduced need for pain medications is possible
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Do you have any additional questions?

If you have any questions about the therapy we offer or if you would like to go ahead and make an appointment immediately, our therapy-scheduling team is happy to assist. 

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Frequently asked questions about cryotherapy

How is it possible to tolerate the cold?

The air inside the whole-body cryotherapy chamber is particularly dry, which means the therapy experience is perceived as refreshing and invigorating. Subjects enter the cryochamber wearing a swimsuit, close-fitting underwear, socks and shoes as well as a facemask; gloves, a cap or headband may also be worn to protect the extremities.

What are the effects of the cold?

Pain Reduction: The central nervous system reacts to the short-term cold stimulus. The cold has a positive effect on the pain memory and increases the tolerance of the pain receptors. Inflammatory processes are inhibited in the whole-body cold chamber; this improves mobility. This in turn leads to a drastic reduction in the consumption of painkillers and an improvement in the quality of life.

Regeneration: The heart rate is reduced, endurance and performance increases and the muscles are better supplied with blood.

Vitality: Our well-being reacts to thermal stimuli. The whole-body cold therapy conveys a feeling of freshness and alertness.

How long do you stay in the cryochamber?

You will first spend one minute in the outer chamber (-30 degrees Celsius), whilst you will lie in the main chamber (-110° C) for no more than 3 minutes. You may end your cryotherapy earlier whenever you wish.

How quickly will I feel the benefits of cryotherapy?

Even after your first visit, you will feel the positive effects on your health and wellbeing. However, long-lasting, sustained successes can only be achieved through regular treatment.

When is cryotherapy not advised?

For the most part, cryotherapy is a gentle form of treatment without side effects. However, if you suffer from one of the following conditions or you are uncertain, we strongly recommend consulting your own doctor or abstaining from this particular treatment:

  • especially sensitive cold response  
  • allergic skin response to cold
  • acute and chronic cardiovascular disease
  • severe cardiac arrhythmia, heart pacemaker
  • after suffering a stroke
  • untreated hypertension (not under medical supervision or medicated)
  • Raynaud (“white finger”) disease
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes with sensory loss and tendency to hypoglycemia
  • vein inflammation
  • thrombosis / pulmonary embolism
  • anemia
  • chronic kidney disease
  • arterial circulatory disorders
  • epilepsy and polyneuropathy
  • acute infection
  • cancer
  • HIV
  • asthma, if cold aggravates your condition
  • pregnancy


Which medical indications benefit from whole-body cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy produces positive effects in the treatment of:

  • degenerative and chronic inflammatory joint and/or spinal disorders
  • inflammatory rheumatic joint and/or spinal disorders
  • soft-tissue rheumatism
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic pain conditions
  • disruption to muscle tone (e.g. muscle tension, MS, cerebral palsy)
  • contusion and/or distortion injury to the joints and spine
  • post-operative conditions of the joints or spine
  • collagenosis
  • bronchial asthma
  • autoimmune diseases
  • neurodermatitis
  • psoriasis with or without joint involvement
  • performance optimization in sport and medical rehabilitation


How often should I use the cryochamber?

Long-lasting, demonstrable benefits for wellbeing and health can only be achieved through regular treatments. A higher number of treatments may be possible and worthwhile subject to prior medical evaluation and the precise treatment goal (e.g. therapy for rheumatic pain).