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An entire sauna village. That is what awaits you in our spacious outdoor area. With architecture of wood, stone and glass, it lies in the middle of the Kurpark and makes your sauna experience truly extraordinary. Also discover our event sauna, the Cascadia, with special infusions and infusion shows. Though the absolute highlight is and always will be: Crystal Lake, along with our wonderful Crystal Sauna.

Sauna World Alpen Loft Sauna | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer

Alpine Loft Sauna

A soothing interplay

The temperature in the Alpine Loft Sauna is lower than in a classic Finnish sauna, lying between 70 and 80° C. whilst the highlight of the session is an infusion with fresh water. The interplay of heat followed by a cool-down strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems, and reenergizes. The infusion provides soothing relaxation, calms and gives you renewed strength.

Sauna World Tauern Erlebnis Sauna mit Videowall im Herbst | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer

Tauern Sauna

Finnish-style dry sauna with nature experience

The Finnish dry sauna is a classic, with temperatures between 80 and 90° C. A sauna session spent here is taken to a whole new level thanks to fascinating video projections – impressions from nature invite you to embark on a journey of the imagination through glorious natural landscapes. The interplay of heat followed by a cool-down strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems, and reenergizes.

Sauna World Stollensauna | © Alpentherme Gastein/Marktl Photography

Sanarium Sauna

Harmony for body and mind

The Sanarium in the outdoor area offers a gloriously comfortable atmosphere. The temperature of 50 - 60° C is very high, though not hot. The humidity of no more than 55% creates a gentler climate.

Sauna World Cascadia Eventsauna mit Dampf | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer


Extraordinary Infusion Highlights

On more than 600 square meters spread out over two floors, here you will discover a sauna world with a breathtaking atmosphere. The heart of the Cascadia is a 60-person sauna chamber where sauna rituals are performed, including specially staged infusions. Meanwhile, quiet zones invite you to pause and relax completely. 

A spacious shower area, with cold-water dousing shower and a foggy grotto, provides the perfect opportunity to cool down after a sauna session. With its glass frontage, the panoramic quiet room on the upper floor of the Cascadia treats you to a glorious view of the Gastein mountains. An infrared cabin and tanning studio are also available to you.

Enjoy the magic of our "Sauna Show Days" every Thursday to Sunday! Show infusions with fascinating effects, captivating music and stimulating heat.

Sauna World Kristall Sauna Blick auf Thermalwasser Badesee und Berge | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer

Finnish Crystal Sauna

Panoramic view of the Gastein mountain world

The temperature in the Crystal Sauna lies between 80 and 90° C. One highlight is an automatic infusion that happens at the top and bottom of every hour. The positive energy from the rock quartz emanates throughout the sauna chamber. The interplay of heat followed by a cool-down strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems, and reenergizes. 

Paar am Steg des Thermalwasser Badesees mit Bergpanorama | © Alpentherme Gastein/Paul Bauer

Thermal Swimming Lakes

Unique, genuine and pure – experience natural bathing enjoyment completely without chlorine in our thermal swimming lakes.

visit our thermal lakes

Frequently asked questions

When do sauna infusions take place?

Our sauna attendants in Sauna World host guided sauna infusions every day. Right here you can find our infusion plan.

Is there a swimming lake at the Alpentherme?

Yes, we actually have two thermal swimming lakes. Emerald Lake in Relax World and Crystal Lake in Sauna World. Filled with 100 % thermal water. The water is cleaned by means of an organic filtration system without added chlorine. Bathing in these lakes is especially beneficial for people with skin allergies! Emerald Lake is open from May to October, whilst Crystal Like is open year-round.

How big is the Cascadia Sauna?

The Cascadia Sauna is one of the highlights of Sauna World. The big sauna chamber with room for up to 60 people as well as special daily staged infusions turn your sauna session in the Cascadia into an extraordinary ritual. 

Can I take my mobile device with me everywhere in the Alpentherme?

No, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs are not permitted anywhere in the sauna area or in Ladies World. We ask our bathing guests to respect the privacy of others throughout the spa resort and not to photograph anybody.

Is there a nude area at the Alpentherme?

All facilities in the sauna area and Ladies World are intended for nude guests.

What can I look forward to in Sauna World?

Time for relaxation. This is the motto of Sauna World. In addition to 12 different sauna chambers, there is a cold and a warm mountain lake, the Crystal Lake thermal swimming lake, several quiet rooms (also a panorama quiet room), shower house, tanning beds, Water Bar and Sauna Bar. Our sauna area is for nude bathers, admission restricted to ages 16 and up.