Sauna World Indoor Our indoor area is full of variety

Escape the outside world, find peace, unwind – discover a glorious sense of wellbeing in the indoor area of Sauna World. Awaiting you here are six different sauna chambers, from the Pine Sauna to the Glacier Ice Lounge. In four quiet rooms, between infusions you can simply relax gazing out at the mountains. Afterwards, quench your thirst in the Sauna Bar before squeezing in another short break in a room with waterbeds.

Sauna World Zirbensauna | © Alpentherme Gastein/Caputo

Pine Sauna

An interplay that works wonders

Swiss pine is a traditional wood native to the Alps, containing high levels of essential oils. The temperature in the Pine Sauna is in the range of 85 - 95° C,  whilst the highlight of the session is an infusion with fresh water. The interplay of heat followed by a cool-down strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems, and reenergizes. The infusion provides soothing relaxation, calms and gives you renewed strength.

Sauna World Infrarotkabine  | © Alpentherme Gastein/Caputo

Infrared Heat Cabin

Relaxation meets pain relief 

Infrared deep-heat is a natural source of energy. The infrared radiation penetrates the various layers of skin evenly, to a depth of around five centimeters. Temperatures are between 40 and 50° C with low humidity.

Sauna World Dampfbad | © Alpentherme Gastein

Steam Bath & Brine Grotto

Power of water, fire and salt

The steam bath, with a temperature of around 45° C, has always been popular. Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans understood the beneficial effects of time spent in the hot water vapor. Tip: Refresh your skin with regular peels . infusion schedule

The brine steam bath (43 - 46° C) also has a long tradition. Warmth and high humidity strengthen the immune system, stimulate blood circulation and activate the body's own self-healing powers. The effects of the steam are further intensified by the addition of brine, penetrating deep into the skin - cleansing the skin and making it silky soft.

Sauna World Sternen Licht Sauna | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer

Starlight Sauna

Harmony for body & mind

The Sanarium offers a gloriously comfortable atmosphere. The temperature of 50 - 60° C is very high, though not hot. The humidity of no more than 55% creates a gentler climate. Alternation between heat and cooling strengthens the immune system, reenergizes and stimulates the metabolism. The skin is detoxified. Colored lights provide added harmony.

Sauna World Gletscher Eis Lounge mit Videowall und Eisbecken | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer

Glacier Ice Lounge

Refreshment for the senses

In the Glacier Ice Lounge, cooling off becomes an experience for all of the senses. The cool room temperature is a refreshing contrast for the skin right after a sauna session. By rubbing yourself down with the "Glacier Ice" which is constantly created right there before your eyes, you will give your cardiovascular system a real "jumpstart". The fragrance of icy mint refreshes the respiratory passages. Fascinating video presentations whisk you away to crispy-cold worlds.

Sauna World Paar in Bademanteln am Steg vom Thermalwasser Badesee | © Alpentherme Gastein/Marktl Photography

Water Bar

The Water Bar is located in the middle of Sauna World at Alpentherme Gastein. Quench your thirst after a sauna session with chilled water, soda water or lukewarm water.

Tip: For the benefit of the environment, here at the Alpentherme we do not use plastic cups. So, either bring your own drinking vessel from home, or borrow one of our reusable Alpentherme drinks bottles (€ 1).

Frequently asked questions

Is there a nude area at the Alpentherme?

All facilities in the sauna area and Ladies World are intended for nude guests.

What can I look forward to in Sauna World?

Time for relaxation. This is the motto of Sauna World. In addition to 12 different sauna chambers, there is a cold and a warm mountain lake, the Crystal Lake thermal swimming lake, several quiet rooms (also a panorama quiet room), shower house, tanning beds, Water Bar and Sauna Bar. Our sauna area is for nude bathers, admission restricted to ages 16 and up.

Are drinks available in the sauna area?

The Water Bar is located in the middle of Sauna World at Alpentherme Gastein. You can quench your thirst after sauna sessions here with chilled water, sparkling water and lukewarm water.

Does the Alpentherme have water beds?

Yes. A room with water beds is located in Sauna World, offering complete relaxation accompanied by music in an atmospheric setting.