Sports medicine at Health Center Bad Hofgastein: offering a comprehensive program

Sensitive diagnostic tools allow us to pinpoint deviations from ideal health conditions, and to do so long before they may manifest themselves as a full-blown illness. The performance test, for example, is a means of early prevention as well as a way to combat ailments.

A series of complex diagnostic tools allow us to provide the guest with information about

  • general health condition, ability to handle physical stress, along with current performance levels
  • personal aerobic and anaerobic thresholds
  • targeted, individual stress intensities including pulse ranges, in order to improve basic endurance as well as determine personal target ranges for training (fat-burning, strength endurance)
  • individual training tips based on intensive exchange of experiences with trainers, monitoring and evaluation of progress
  • talent/suitability testing

Sports medicine opportunities in Austria at Gesundheitszentrum Bad Hofgastein

Measuring lactate (by drawing blood from the earlobe) makes it possible to draw conclusions about the state of metabolism in muscle. This allows us to accurately assess the anaerobic threshold and heart frequencies in the various training ranges. By means of a combination of networked computers and testing equipment, tests can be conducted to measure quickness, agility, reaction time and strength.

Sports medicine opportunities in Austria: methods for weight and body analysis

Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) tells us a lot about a person's body composition (fat, muscle, water). Especially in the field of weight management, this type of analysis is important. For sportsmen and athletes, too, this type of measurement is of great importance in order to counteract appropriately any potential drop-off in performance.

Performance diagnostics are available to hobby, recreational and competitive athletes alike. The training is tailored to individual needs with respect to the amount of stress placed on the subject and the duration. The modern lab at Kurzentrum Bad Hofgastein, along with close ties to Austria's leading laboratory physicians, also makes it possible to conduct special blood tests (such as hormone analysis, amino-acid status, etc.)


Would you like to learn more about which sports-medicine services at Gesundheitszentrum Bad Hofgastein in Austria are right for you? The expert team at your Health Center Bad Hofgastein is more than happy to provide you with detailed information. 

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from € 131,40

Performance analysis (approx. 3 hours)

Ergometric/incremental test on a cycle ergometer or on a treadmill with lactate analysis, cardiac stress test and blood pressure measurement to determine the current training level and the individual training areas, sports-medical check-up with ECG at rest, written evaluations and sports-methodological consultation. 

performance test (within a year, without medical check) € 90,80