The goal of breathing therapy is to improve breathing and lung function. In addition, it also improves overall body perception. This therapy is suitable for everyone, though especially for patients with diseases of the respiratory organs, such as asthmatics, allergy-sufferers and patients with chronic, obstructive bronchitis.

Aside from breathing therapy, further relaxation methods are used, including progressive relaxation using the Jacobsen method. In this approach, targeted tensing and releasing of different muscle groups results in reduction of stress and tension, and an overall improvement in body perception.

A combination of breathing techniques and muscle relaxation is the essence of position therapy according to the Scharschuch Haase method. This is especially suitable for patients with major physical limitations of the spine (including Bechterew's disease) and hyperkyphosis. Through targeted repositioning in combination with breathing and relaxation exercise, the ribcage, in particular, is allowed to expand.