Health Stays on a Private Basis Holidays in combination with nonresidential therapy programs

Experience the benefits of therapies centered on Gastein thermal water within the scope of your private health-focused holiday. The perfect alternative to residential treatment programs through your social-insurance provider. In this way, you can combine outpatient therapy (subject to physician's referral) with a stay at the accommodations of your choosing. Thanks to an individually designed therapy plan, you will also have ample time to enjoy the countless advantages of a spa & hiking holiday spent in Gastein.

Panoramabild Alpentherme | © Alpentherme Gastein/Gerhard Michel

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If you simply don't want to hassle with your insurance provider, you can also pay for all therapies at the Health Center privately. After a complete physical check-up, our physician team will put together their therapy recommendation for you. Or take advantage of one of our packages for your personal health-focused holiday.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I improve my therapy success?
  • allow plenty of time for your treatments
  • strictly adhere to scheduled rest and quiet periods
  • don’t overly stress yourself physically on the side – strolls, relaxed walks, cycling are permitted
  • drink plenty of fluids
What is a bathing rash and how can it be prevented?

Due to the frequent water treatments, your skin will be more inclined to dry out, plus the skin is stimulated both mechanically and thermically in the course of treatments. It is important to treat your skin regularly, up to 3 times a day, with moisturizing skin creams and body milks.

Does the Alpentherme have thermal water with an elevated radon content?

The pools of Alpentherme Gastein are filled with thermal water from which the radon has been removed.

Is there also cold radon in Gastein?


What is the Gastein climate like?

Due to the mountain elevations, sensitive people might take a brief time to adjust. However, the special climatic conditions here actually add to the effectiveness of the therapy programs offered in Gastein.

What natural therapeutics are used in Gastein?
  • thermal water containing radon
  • elevated radon levels in the air of the Gastein Thermal Gallery
When should I not participate in thermal radon therapy?

If you are suffering from any kind of acute severe disease. Be particular cautious if you are suffering from severe heart disease, lung disease, mania, psychosis. There are no restrictions which are specific to Gastein.