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When dealing with end-stage renal failure, patients have three kinds of renal therapy open to them: hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration, peritoneal dialysis, and, if they meet the requirements, kidney transplantation.

The patients' preferences, medical history, lifestyle and social factors all factor into the choice of therapy.

Hemodialysis is a broadly used form of therapy in the treatment of acute as well as chronic renal failure, enabling the survival of many people. This form of therapy is restricted to specialized treatment centers. Enormous advances in medical technology over recent decades have constantly improved the quality and safety aspects of this treatment.

As a rule, patients receive a 3- to 5-hour dialysis treatment three times a week as prescribed by their physician. In this process, a capillary is used to remove so-called uremic toxins (toxins resulting from kidney failure) from the blood. Simultaneously, the electrolytic as well as acid-base balance is restored. If urination is reduced, excess body fluids can also be removed.

The patient is connected to the dialysis equipment via a shunt, or a dialysis catheter, placed in one of the major veins. Of course, constant nursing care and monitoring to ensure the shunt is functioning correctly are standard services provided by the dialysis station.

Treatment of complications resulting from chronic renal insufficiency, such as anemia or disruptions in calcium-phosphate metabolism, through medication (EPO and iron supplements, Vitamin D and calcimimetics) can often be provided within the framework of dialysis treatment. Regular personal nutritional consultations are also offered.

In addition to professional treatment and continuous empathetic medical aftercare, the essential expertise of a dialysis center also includes painstaking preparation for kidney transplantation.

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