Winterpanorama bei Dämmerung der Alpentherme Gastein | © Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer
© Alpentherme Gastein/Wolkersdorfer

A retreat for guests seeking peace & quiet

Sauna World at Alpentherme Gastein has always been a refuge of peace and deep relaxation. With the addition of the small thermal swimming lake, yet another delightful facet has been added to this recreational gem. Between stimulating sauna sessions, you can now immerse yourself in pure thermal water. A new sauna with view of the lake and the Gastein mountains even turns time in the sauna into a nature experience in its own right. After the sauna infusion, when it’s time for a break, simply head for one of the exclusive lounge chairs out on a sunny lawn, and treat yourself to a short nap. 

Aquatic fun for children and families

Close by, though very much a realm unto itself, is our Family World. Here, families and children looking for anything but peace & quiet find just what they have been craving – that’s to say, fun and games in the water. For them, too, there is a new attraction to add to the in- and outdoor family pools. Awaiting them now is a 4-lane, approximately 30 meters-long wave slide. On hot summer days, “water babies” – big and small – can enjoy refreshing, undulating rides all the way to the bottom. And how about a family race? Enjoyment in and by the water, guaranteed to set the pulses of the youngsters and youngsters-at-heart racing with excitement.