Pine sauna

Relaxing Alternation

Swiss Stone Pine is a traditional alpine wood with a high content of timulating essential oils. The temperature ranges from 85 - 95° C, splashing fresh water on the hot stones is the highlight of each session. The alternation of heat and subsequent cooling down strengthens circulation, stimulates the body’s immune system and restores spent energy. This ritual creates a relaxing, calming and revitalizing atmosphere.

Infrared heat cabin

well-being from the depths

Infrared radiation is a natural source of energy. The warm infrared rays permeate the layers of the skin evenly, penetrating to a depth of approx. 5 centimetres. Temperatures range from 40 - 50° C, humidity is low. 

Steam bath & saltwater grotto

Energy from Water, Fire and salt

The steam bath tradition has been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans were familiar with the pleasantly soothing effects of warm steam. (approx. 45° C) 

The saltwater steam bath with a temperature of 43° - 46° C  has a long  tradition. Warmth and high humidity strengthen the immune system, stimulate circulation and activate the body's self-healing mechanisms. The effect of the steam is enhanced by adding brine, it permeates the skin - cleansing it and giving it a velvety softness.

Sanarium: Star-Light Sauna

Harmony für Body and Mind

The Sanarium offers an atmosphere of well-being: The temperature between 50 and 60 degrees centigrade is quite high, but not hot. A humidity of 55 percent at the most creates a gentle and soothing climate. The alternation of warming up and cooling off stimulates the immune system, provides fresh energy and stimulates the metabolism. The skin is cleansed of waste products. Coloured light creates a harmonious atmosphere.

Glacier-Ice Lounge

Refreshment for all the senses 

Through the interplay between heat followed by cold, sauna sessions are able to achieve their full health-promoting effects. In the Glacier Ice Lounge, the cooling-down phase becomes an invigorating experience for all the senses. The cool ambient temperature provides a refreshing contrast for the skin immediately after emerging from the sauna cabin. By rubbing yourself down with the “glacier ice” which is constantly replenished before your eyes, you will give your whole metabolism a jump start. The fragrance of icy mint refreshes the breathing passages. Fascinating video projections whisk you away into crisp-cold worlds.

Water Bar

The Water Bar is located in the middle of Sauna World at Alpentherme Gastein. After completing your time in the sauna, you can quench your thirst with chilled water, sparkling water or water at the right temperature.


Should you have any questions, our Alpentherme team is always more than happy to assist.