Chemical Analysis  1 kg of spring water contains:


  • Sodium                        77,40 mg
  • Potassium                     3,10 mg
  • Calcium                      21,80 mg
  • Magnesium                  0,37 mg


  • Silicic                           20,10 mg  
  • Iron, boric, trace elements


  • Hydrogen carbonate 58,70 mg
  • Chloride                       24,20 mg
  • Fluoride                          5,21 mg
  • Sulfate                        126,00 mg
  • Nitrat                              0,10 mg

Health vacations in Salzburg: Healing waters with above-average values

Organic substances were only found in very small amounts. Water from Gastein's hot springs meets the requirements set forth in Austria's spa and therapy laws in two different ways.

 The temperature at source, as well as at the site it is used, is approx. 46° C, constantly far above the required minimum value. The healing waters significantly exceed – with respect to their content of special elements - with a concentration of radon 222 of 55.00 nCi/l at the Elisabethquelle spring - the minimum value required for bathing therapies of 10 nCi/l.

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