Psychological services
individual services
Psychological consultation/treatment
 40,70 €
For acute or chronic stress, stress management, psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, physical conditions affected by psychological issues.
Initial consultation (approx. 30 min.)
80,30 €
Follow-up appointment (approx. 50 min.)
Work-related psychological consultation
91,10 €
Pinpoint personal potentials, develop health-enhancing measures, improve current working
conditions, minimize sources of stress.
approx. 60 min.
biofeedback training
128,50 €
Used to mitigate tension-related headaches, migraines, psychological overstress, various stress symptoms, sleep disorders, chronic backpain, train relaxation skills.
Measurements are taken of heart frequency, muscle tension and breathing, with results
clearly presented on a screen e.g. as a line. Feedback provided by specific physical
functions (“biofeedback”) allows patients to learn targeted strategies to influence and
regulate those functions.
Package of 4 sessions (each approx. 30 min.)
235,70 €
Package of 8 sessions (each approx. 30 min.)
Memory training
101,80 €
To improve mental performance in the face of memory deficiencies.
Package of 3 sessions (each approx. 30 min.)
Clinical psychological diagnostics
Customized packages, especially for the following issues:
- Determine the presence of psychological disorders
- Determine psychological overstress
- Examine performance, analyze potential
- Diagnose dementia
Prices & treatment duration on request
All prices listed include VAT and are valid from 1.12.2020 to 30.11.2021 or until revoked. Typographical errors excepted.
Psychological services
group offers*
relaxation training
42,80 €
Introduction to progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training.
Package of 2 sessions (each approx. 50 min.)
smoking cessation
96,40 €
Support strategies on the path to becoming a non-smoker.
Package of 3 sessions (each approx. 60 min.)
192,80 €
Package of 6 sessions (each approx. 60 min.)
Memory training
64,30 €
Package of 3 sessions (each approx. 30 min.)
Question & answer session for caregiving family members or other interested participants
32,10 €
Support options, information relating to dementia conditions. (approx. 75 min.)
All prices listed include VAT and are valid from 1.12.2020 to 30.11.2021 or until revoked. Typographical errors excepted. * Prices per erson, at least 2 persons, maximum 12 persons.