Facial treatments
Putting mask with a pensel on the face at the Alpentherme Gastein
38,00 €
Cleansing milk, peel, mask. a. 30 min.
75,90 €
Cleansing milk, peel, ampoule, depending on skin type
deep cleansing or massage, mask. ca. 60 min.
85,90 €
Cleansing milk, peel, ampoule, deep cleansing,
massage, mask. ca. 80 min.
De luxe
96,90 €
Cleansing milk, peel, ampoule, deep cleansing,
10 min ultrasound, massage, mask. ca. 90 min.
87,10 €
Cornification is removed with crystals. Pores are refined, wrinkles reduced, cell renewal is stimulated, the skin is regenerated, inside and out. ca. 50 min.
60,10 €
Tissue is toned, wrinkles recduced and the complexion optimized.  ca. 45 min.
Extras for your face
Beauty Residenz Alpentherme
Eyelash tint
Eyebrow tint
Eyebrow shaping
Upper lip/chin waxing
15,90 €
11,30 €
from 8,00 €
from 9,00 €
Facial massage
33,00 €
Collagen eye pads
14,00 €
eye-zone treatment
31,00 €
Smoothing eye care for a radiant look. Refreshes & revives the eye contours, produces total relaxation of the eye zone (incl. massage of the area around the eyes).
Special facial mask
from 15,00 €
20,00 €
10 min.
33,50 €
collagen mask

All prices listed include VAT and are valid from 1.12.2021 to 30.11.2022 or until revoked. Typographical errors excepted.